Man Oh Man

Hey, can we talk about something, dear reader? Can we talk about manliness? About being a man--a real man--and all that goes into it? Ok, good. You start. What does a man look like? Are you picturing Clint Eastwood? James Bond? Frank Sinatra? The Most Interesting Man in the World? The Marlboro Man? What does... Continue Reading →

I’m the Daddy and I Make the Rules

I'll admit it, dear reader. I've been putting off writing this week's blog. Call it lack of inspiration, writer's block, ennui, whatever. Maybe I've just been busy. In addition to actually being a dad this week (a little bit extra, since I was away from the family for four days last week), I've been working... Continue Reading →

Things No One Taught Me, Part 1

Lately my son, The Dude, has been asking me to tell him stories at bedtime. This is after we've read books during the nightly milk and graham crackers ritual and involves me making up short stories about whatever topic he gives me. Some of them are silly, some are true, and one or two actually... Continue Reading →

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